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Two orcas taken in illegal capture in Russia

Erich Hoyt

Erich is a Research Fellow at WDC and Co-chair of the IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force. He is a director of the Far East Russian Orca Project (FEROP).
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Two orcas taken in illegal capture in Russia

By Erich Hoyt / 8th August 2014

Two killer whales were captured in recent weeks in Nikolaya Gulf, in the southwestern Sea of Okhotsk, the Russian Far East. The captors are reporting…

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WDC Report Captures the Attention of NZ Politicians

By Erich Hoyt / 28th July 2014

New Zealand’s endemic dolphin species (the Hector’s dolphin and its subspecies Maui’s dolphin) have been in rapid decline since the 1970s due to fisheries by…

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Are whale watching boats the greatest collision threat to whales?

By Erich Hoyt / 27th June 2014

“Revealed: whale-watching boats the greatest collision threat to whales” — this big hype headline sadly comes from The Guardian which is normally more careful about reporting.…

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Russian authorities recommend quota for 10 orca captures in 2014

By Erich Hoyt / 20th March 2014

Recommendations to take 10 more killer whales from the Russian Far East in 2014 were made yesterday, 19 March 2014, by TINRO, the Pacific Research…

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New Zealand Dolphin – How to lose the race to extinction, Part 1

By Erich Hoyt / 17th December 2013

Extinction is a sensitive word in New Zealand. Around the world, people have an image of New Zealand as a wild, natural landscape with protected…

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Scientists ponder the question of orcas captured in Russia

By Erich Hoyt / 13th December 2013

A highlight of this week’s Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, in Dunedin, New Zealand, was the panel discussion on killer whales in…

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