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Antarctic whales and their ecosystems lose out again

Erich Hoyt

Erich is a Research Fellow at WDC and Co-chair of the IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force. He is a director of the Far East Russian Orca Project (FEROP).
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Antarctic whales and their ecosystems lose out again

By Erich Hoyt / 31st October 2014

In what is becoming a sad state of affairs, China and Russia have again blocked the protection of important areas for whales and other marine…

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Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP) and others speak out on Russian orca captures

By Erich Hoyt / 6th October 2014

On the orca and beluga capture front in Russia, things have gone from bad to worse in recent months. Four orcas were reported captured this…

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Will New Zealanders Vote for Dolphins?

By Erich Hoyt / 11th September 2014

New Zealand has a national election campaign running until 20 September. Until now it was difficult to tell where each political party stood on the…

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Russian orca capture activities moving into high gear — but are captors acting without permits?

By Erich Hoyt / 9th September 2014

The sordid details are now emerging of further orca capture activities in the Russian Far East southwestern Okhotsk Sea. The two orcas captured in mid-July,…

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Russian quota issued for 10 more orca captures

By Erich Hoyt / 26th August 2014

What now for Russian orcas? Following the news that two orcas were captured in the Okhotsk Sea, Russia, we now have the announcement of the 2014…

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Two orcas taken in illegal capture in Russia

By Erich Hoyt / 8th August 2014

Two killer whales were captured in recent weeks in Nikolaya Gulf, in the southwestern Sea of Okhotsk, the Russian Far East. The captors are reporting…

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