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Black Sea common dolphins © Elena Gladilina

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Erich Hoyt

Erich is a Research Fellow at WDC and Co-chair of the IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force. He is a director of the Far East Russian Orca Project (FEROP).
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Black Sea common dolphins © Elena Gladilina

The dolphin and porpoise casualties of the war in Ukraine

By Erich Hoyt / 7th June 2022

Rare, threatened subspecies of dolphins and porpoises live in the Black Sea along Ukraine’s coast. They are also victims of war, along with the researchers…

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One world ocean – why we need to think globally and act locally

By Erich Hoyt / 8th June 2021

On World Ocean(s) Day let’s remember that there is only one ocean on our world. All the water flows through one connected system and this…

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Whales, dolphins, porpoises and healthy seas under lockdown

By Erich Hoyt / 16th June 2020

Anyone watching blue, humpback or sperm whales can clearly see and hear the power-packed spout that comes just before they suck in a deep breath.…

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New baby offers hope for endangered orca community

By Erich Hoyt / 5th July 2019

On the morning of 30 May, off Tofino, British Columbia, Canada, an orca calf, complete with fresh foetal folds and typical orange (instead of white)…

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How to protect the whales and other marine mammals of the Antarctic’s Southern Ocean

By Erich Hoyt / 2nd November 2018

I’ve just returned from France where a friendly group of scientists from 11 countries were gathered to put our heads together to help protect the…

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Where do whales, dolphins and other marine mammals live?

By Erich Hoyt / 23rd October 2017

It’s a big ocean out there. We’re learning a lot about whales these days in nearshore waters but good information on where exactly they live…

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