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Sperm whale © Christopher Swann

To protect whales, we must stop ignoring the high seas

Ed Goodall

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To protect whales, we must stop ignoring the high seas

By Ed Goodall / 23rd August 2022

Almost two-thirds of the ocean, or 95% of the habitable space on Earth, are sloshing around beyond human borders and the jurisdiction of any country.…

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WDC team at UN Ocean conference

Give the ocean a chance – our message from the UN Ocean Conference

By Ed Goodall / 6th July 2022

I’m looking out over the River Tejo in Lisbon, Portugal, reflecting on the astounding resilience of nature. It’s the end of a motivating and exhausting…

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Whales are our climate allies – meet the scientists busy proving it

By Ed Goodall / 28th June 2022

At Whale and Dolphin Conservation, we’re working hard to bring whales and the ocean into climate conversations at the highest levels. I lead WDC’s ‘Green…

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COP26: Did we persuade world leaders to listen to the ocean?

By Ed Goodall / 23rd November 2021

As the dust settles after the United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow, it’s a good moment to reflect on what we achieved there for…

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Whales, trees and butterflies – how we’re giving a voice to the ocean at COP26

By Ed Goodall / 3rd November 2021

I’m in Glasgow representing WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation at COP26, the UN’s 26th climate conference. This is the first time WDC has attended one…

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Save the whale, save the world – because our lives depend on it

By Ed Goodall / 26th October 2021

Carl Sagan famously called our planet a ‘pale blue dot’ when he saw the first images of it taken by the Voyager 1 space probe…

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