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Russian ban on orca and beluga capture is extended

Danny Groves

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Russian ban on orca and beluga capture is extended

By Danny Groves / 24th March 2021

Many of these individuals are sold to China and live a sad existence held captive in small tanks for human entertainment. However, the Russian Federal…

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Plans for UK’s first dolphin and porpoise conservation strategy launched

By Danny Groves / 23rd March 2021

The UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments, and the Northern Ireland Executive, have collaborated on the consultation, which sets out measures to protect nine of the…

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Teenage captive orca dies at facility in Tenerife

By Danny Groves / 15th March 2021

Skyla, a female orca was born at SeaWorld in Orlando (US) in 2004 to mother Kalina and father Tilikum. She was just two years of…

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Sculpture trail cancelled

By Danny Groves / 12th March 2021

We are extremely disappointed to announce that our Discover Dolphins sculpture trail in Southampton will not be able to go ahead as planned. The event…

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Captivity ‘done and dusted’ in Australian state

By Danny Groves / 3rd March 2021

The new regulations were introduced by NSW environment minister Matt Kean and followed a public enquiry into captive dolphin shows and facilities, dolphin parks and…

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Norway’s government allows hunters to kill over 1200 whales this year

By Danny Groves / 1st March 2021

Norway’s government allows the minke whale hunts to go ahead under an ‘objection’ to the global ban on commercial whaling, and whalers continue to carry…

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