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New blue whale population discovered

Danny Groves

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New blue whale population discovered

By Danny Groves / 24th December 2020

Blue whale vocalisations are very low and can reach other whales through the water up to 500 miles away, but each population has their own…

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The last river dolphin

By Danny Groves / 22nd December 2020

Baby (also known as Orinoco or Butu) was 47 when he died at the zoo this week. He led a sad life, captured at a…

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WDC report critical of inadequate EU regulations as over 1,000 dolphins a month face death in nets this winter

By Danny Groves / 15th December 2020

Just days after the European Union missed a deadline in an emergency measures request to save the lives of around 5,000 common dolphins from suffocation…

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Latest endangered species list confirms all freshwater dolphins face battle to avoid extinction

By Danny Groves / 10th December 2020

A dolphin found in the Amazon river, the tucuxi, has been classed as endangered on the latest Red List issued by the IUCN (International Union…

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Beluga Whale Sanctuary winter update

By Danny Groves / 8th December 2020

Whilst we are thrilled at the progress that beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey have made in adapting to a more natural environment in…

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WDC wins campaign for protected areas in Scottish waters!

By Danny Groves / 3rd December 2020

The news represents a huge victory for all our supporters too. Altogether the government will be creating four protected areas (Northeast Lewis, Sea of Hebrides…

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