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Norwegian whale slaughter ramps up

Danny Groves

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Norwegian whale slaughter ramps up

By Danny Groves / 28th June 2021

Norway’s whale hunters continue to kill large numbers of minke since the hunt season began on 1st April. ‘Last summer marked a four-year high with…

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Over 100 whales killed in opening days of Norway hunt season

By Danny Groves / 21st May 2021

According to reports from Norway, the whale hunting season there has begun with the bloody slaughter of over 140 minke whales in just the first…

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South Korea to get tougher on sale of whale meat

By Danny Groves / 14th May 2021

South Korea has toughened existing regulations on the commercial sale of whale and whale products as part of efforts to curb illegal whale hunting activities…

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Captive dolphins in the Netherlands to move to China

By Danny Groves / 23rd April 2021

Plans announced by Dolfinarium Harderwijk, Netherlands that it will end its dolphin shows have turned out to be bad news for the dolphins concerned, as…

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Brussels bans whale and dolphin captivity

By Danny Groves / 22nd April 2021

The ban includes seals, sea lions as well as whales and dolphins and means that marine parks containing these creatures will not be allowed to…

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Animal culture crucial for conservation says new research paper

By Danny Groves / 21st April 2021

WDC’s Philippa Brakes, together with a number of experts working on a wide range of species, from whales to chimpanzees, argues in the new paper…

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