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Survey reveals consumers want UK supermarkets to tackle dolphin deaths

Danny Groves

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Survey reveals consumers want UK supermarkets to tackle dolphin deaths

By Danny Groves / 1st September 2021

Shoppers care about dolphins being killed in fishing gear and expect supermarkets to sort it out. According to the results of a OnePoll survey we…

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Dolphin who survived severe sunburn has baby

By Danny Groves / 24th August 2021

Spirtle, the dolphin who made the headlines after being badly sunburned while she was stranded in Scotland in 2016 has now given birth to a…

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Another orca dies in captivity

By Danny Groves / 20th August 2021

Days after we launched our latest campaign calling on travel company TUI  to stop promoting trips to captive whale and dolphin shows, SeaWorld San Diego…

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Beluga move update from the SEA LIFE Trust and WDC

By Danny Groves / 27th July 2021

We wanted to let you know that the planned move back into the wild sea sanctuary for belugas, Little White and Little Grey has had…

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Will whale poo help save whales?

By Danny Groves / 6th July 2021

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was founded to regulate whale hunting. But the release today of a new IWC workshop report represents a significant potential…

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Cruel whale experiments halted

By Danny Groves / 29th June 2021

The widely criticised hearing experiments due to take place on minke whales in the Vestvågøy area of northern Norway have now come to an end…

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