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South Korea cracks down on whale and dolphin captivity

Danny Groves

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South Korea cracks down on whale and dolphin captivity

By Danny Groves / 26th January 2021

The move comes as growing numbers of the population become aware of animal rights issues. The government has also said it will be issuing new…

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French captive dolphin facility to close

By Danny Groves / 25th January 2021

Reports state that the eight dolphins kept in tanks there will be placed in other captivity parks but no other details have emerged. The park,…

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Boris Johnson critical of Japanese whale slaughter

By Danny Groves / 18th January 2021

Johnson questioned Japan’s hunts and said he would ‘take a stand’ against them after news emerged last week of the horrific killing of a minke…

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WDC joins group legal action to force protection for endangered North Atlantic right whales

By Danny Groves / 14th January 2021

The groups are calling for more speed limits to reduce the number of vessel strikes. Just over half of known or suspected right whale deaths…

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Trapped minke whale slaughtered in Japanese cove

By Danny Groves / 11th January 2021

The whale’s carcass was then taken to shore to be butchered for sale in local meat markets. It was hoped that the local fishing cooperative…

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Japanese 2021 whale hunt numbers announced

By Danny Groves / 7th January 2021

The number of whales it has set for slaughter will total 383, which is broken down into 171 minke whales, 187 Bryde’s whales and 25…

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