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Sweden’s last dolphin shows to end

Danny Groves

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Sweden’s last dolphin shows to end

By Danny Groves / 10th March 2022

Sweden will become dolphinaria-free following the announcement by Kolmården Zoo in Stockholm that it will be closing its dolphin facility, which currently holds twelve bottlenose…

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The show is over for captive orca Lolita

By Danny Groves / 4th March 2022

Lolita, the orca, held at the Miami Seaquarium in Florida since 1970, will no longer perform in shows at the theme park. New managers at the Florida facility…

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Latest Taiji slaughter season ends with many dolphins killed

By Danny Groves / 2nd March 2022

Fishermen in the coastal town of Taiji, Japan have ended this season’s brutal dolphin hunt and, according to local sources, have killed or captured over…

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Norway’s government gives green light for slaughter of hundreds of whales this year

By Danny Groves / 22nd February 2022

Just weeks after Iceland indicated it is moving away from cruel whale hunting, Norway’s government has announced that its whalers can kill hundreds of minke…

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Half a million net death petition handed to EU Commission

By Danny Groves / 11th February 2022

Over half a million citizens have signed a petition to demand action to stop thousands of dolphins dying in fishing nets (bycatch) in the Bay…

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Russian naval exercises off Irish coast threaten whales and dolphins

By Danny Groves / 26th January 2022

Military exercises planned by the Russian navy 150 miles off the south-west coast of Ireland next month raise the very real prospect of whales and…

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