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Danny Groves

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World Oceans Day plea to Government and the public – more protection for struggling seas

By Danny Groves / 8th June 2020

Ocean charities and organisations including WDC are calling for a sea change in ambition in Government marine policy to restore our marine environment by 2030.…

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Blue whales in New Zealand prefer to hang out in cooler waters

By Danny Groves / 5th June 2020

Researchers from Oregon State University studying blue whales in the South Taranaki bight, New Zealand have found a link between the whales, their feeding and…

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First finless porpoise drone footage from Hong Kong revealed

By Danny Groves / 4th June 2020

The first ever drone footage of the Indo-Pacific finless porpoise has been captured by OceansAsia’s. The film shows a pod gathering in Hong Kong waters, a rare…

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Whales in waters around Russia could still be captured

By Danny Groves / 28th May 2020

A Russian ‘expert’ working group has concluded that the exploitation of whales and dolphins for so-called cultural and educational purposes should continue. The working group…

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Important step forward for WDC’s fight to stop tragic deaths of dolphins and porpoises in nets

By Danny Groves / 26th May 2020

Scientific advisors to the European Commission (ICES) have officially announced their agreement with WDC and other partner organisations that measures are urgently required to reduce…

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Dolphins, dolphins everywhere!

By Danny Groves / 19th May 2020

Lock down for us humans seems to have made seas quieter and less polluted for whales, dolphins and porpoises, and further evidence that nature may…

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