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Cardigan Bay Dolphins Discovered In Manx Waters

Danny Groves

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Cardigan Bay Dolphins Discovered In Manx Waters

By Danny Groves / 18th January 2012

Bottlenose dolphins swimming in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man, have been recognised as the same dolphins also seen in Cardigan Bay in Wales. Eleanor Stone,…

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Amazing Pictures Of Whale Lifting Dolphin Out Of The Water

By Danny Groves / 17th January 2012

Take a look here at pictures of a bottlenose dolphin seen to be repeatedly lifted out of the water by a humpback whale around the waters…

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Play Whale Trail To Save The Whale!

By Danny Groves / 16th January 2012

It’s addictive and its fun. What more could you want from a game that involves whales and flying! Can you control Willow the whale as…

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Japan Times Speaks Out Against Whaling

By Danny Groves / 15th January 2012

The Japan Times today has questioned the continued practice of whaling. Looking back over the last few years of whaling the Times discusses the fact…

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Proposal For Quotas To Save Whales Rejected By WDCS

By Danny Groves / 12th January 2012

WDCS has questioned suggestions by US researchers writing in the journal, Nature that the introduction of tradable quotas for catching whales could reduce the number…

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Belugas Of Cook Inlet Continue To Decline

By Danny Groves / 11th January 2012

The beluga population of Cook Inlet, Alaska – recently re-listed as endangered – has fallen to its lowest level in nearly 20 years. So say…

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