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Orca Rescue In New Zealand

Danny Groves

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Orca Rescue In New Zealand

By Danny Groves / 8th February 2012

A young female orca was rescued by a diver yesterday after she became caught up in fishing line off the coast of New Zealand. There…

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Help Scotland's Whales And Dolphins

By Danny Groves / 6th February 2012

The Scottish Government is putting steps in place to protect the amazing marine life around its coast. The government will be creating a network of…

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More Dolphin Watching Operators In Hawaii Get SMART

By Danny Groves / 3rd February 2012

The long running Dolphin SMART programme, of which WDCS is a partner, has continued its recent expansion in Hawaii to now include the island of…

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Amazing Film Of Whales And Dolphins At Play

By Danny Groves / 1st February 2012

We all know that dolphins are playful creatures, but it’s not often that we see them playing with whales much larger than themselves. Take a look…

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Almuerzos Amigables Con Las Ballenas: Bueno Para Niños, Fantástico Para Las Ballenas

By Danny Groves / 31st January 2012

¿En tu escuela sirven almuerzos “amigables con las ballenas”*? (*en referencia específicamente al pescado que no es distribuido, directa o indirectamente, por la compañía islandesa…

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Humpback Whales Spotted Off The Aberdeenshire Coast

By Danny Groves / 26th January 2012

Up to three humpback whales have been spotted off the coastline around Forvie (just north of Aberdeen, Scotland) over the past couple of weeks. This…

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