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Minke whale dies before cruel hearing experiments begin

Danny Groves

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Minke whale dies before cruel hearing experiments begin

By Danny Groves / 7th June 2023

Nets set in Norway to catch minke whales A cruel and pointless experiment to test the hearing of live minke whales in Norway has claimed…

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Pressure mounts in Iceland as latest survey shows majority of local people want whale hunting to end

By Danny Groves / 5th June 2023

WDC joins local protesters on anti whaling march in Iceland For the first time, those opposed to whaling in Iceland are in the majority according…

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New government marine wildlife code to help reduce dolphin disturbance

By Danny Groves / 24th May 2023

The launch today by UK Government of new guidance on how to act responsibly around wildlife when you visit the coast will help to raise…

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UK government to extend ivory ban to stop the sale of orca teeth

By Danny Groves / 23rd May 2023

Following the UK ban on the import, export and dealing of elephant ivory in 2022, the government is planning to add orca, narwhals and sperm…

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Dead whale beauty products to be sold in Japanese vending machine stores

By Danny Groves / 12th May 2023

Antarctic minke whale alongside Japanese whaling ship. Photo © Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert Japanese whale hunting company, Kyodo Senpaku, is now promoting the sale of cosmetic products…

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Arrests made following illegal whale meat smuggling from Japan to South Korea

By Danny Groves / 11th May 2023

Customs authorities in Busan, South Korea, have arrested six people for allegedly smuggling at least 4.6 tonnes of whale meat (worth around €400,000) into the…

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