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Memorable stories wanted for community project

Danny Groves

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Memorable stories wanted for community project

By Danny Groves / 17th May 2022

To celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories in 2022, Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s Scottish Dolphin Centre is encouraging the local community and visitors to share their…

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Industry award recognition for project to prevent whale entanglement in fishing gear

By Danny Groves / 16th May 2022

The Scottish Entanglement Alliance (SEA) project, an initiative involving WDC, has been annouced as a runner up in the sustainability category at the 2022 Fishing…

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Ukraine invasion may have triggered dolphin deaths

By Danny Groves / 12th May 2022

Following reports a few weeks ago that military dolphins were being used by Russia as part of its invasion of Ukraine, it now seems that…

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Little White and Little Grey

Giant new ‘halo’ habitat structure reaches beluga sanctuary after 16 hour sea journey

By Danny Groves / 21st April 2022

A specially designed floating habitat, that will provide an additional step to support the return of belugas, Little White and Little Grey to their open…

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Common dolphin

WDC and leading environment charities launch new partnership to protect ocean wildlife

By Danny Groves / 8th April 2022

A new study looking at the effects of excessive underwater noise on whales, dolphins and porpoises has revealed that they can often face a choice…

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Icelandic tourist board backs end to whaling

By Danny Groves / 25th March 2022

The man behind Iceland’s only fin whale hunting company has hit back at recent announcements from within the country that whaling could be ending for…

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