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From whale poo to wildfire – it’s not over yet

Danny Groves

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From whale poo to wildfire – it’s not over yet

By Danny Groves / 21st October 2021

Ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, which will begin on October 31st, we have joined in collaboration with a collective of…

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Norway’s whale meat industry has gone to the dogs

By Danny Groves / 18th October 2021

Days after the Norwegian whaling industry announced that 575 minke whales were slaughtered this season (the most in five years) shocking new documents reveal that…

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Over 570 whales killed during 2021 hunts in Norway

By Danny Groves / 27th September 2021

The highest number of whales killed in Norway since 2016 has been announced just as WDC and partners have released the findings of a new…

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WDC joins with BRITA to send plastic pollution warning

By Danny Groves / 15th September 2021

A new WDC report issued today reveals the frightening extent of the plastic pollution problem and that 67% of species of whale and dolphin are…

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True identities of Weymouth’s ‘bonnie’ dolphins revealed

By Danny Groves / 3rd September 2021

The origins of two bottlenose dolphins who have spent the last two summers feeding and playing around in Weymouth Bay, Dorset has finally been revealed.…

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Survey reveals consumers want UK supermarkets to tackle dolphin deaths

By Danny Groves / 1st September 2021

Shoppers care about dolphins being killed in fishing gear and expect supermarkets to sort it out. According to the results of a OnePoll survey we…

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