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Danny Groves

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European nations under pressure to save the critically endangered Baltic harbour porpoise

By Danny Groves / 16th September 2020

At a meeting of northern European nations held recently, the issue of the critically endangered harbour porpoise population in the Baltic Sea was discussed and…

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Vancouver Aquarium announces temporary closure

By Danny Groves / 7th September 2020

Officials from Vancouver Aquarium have announced that the facility will temporarily close whilst it revisits it’s business model to make it more financially viable and…

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Dolphins show up at lifeboat rescue

By Danny Groves / 17th August 2020

A group of curious dolphins has popped up at the scene of a lifeboat rescue off the Dorset coast at Ringstead. The lifeboats were launched…

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BELUGA WHALE SANCTUARY UPDATE: Little Grey and Little White arrive safely after move to bay care area

By Danny Groves / 10th August 2020

We can now confirm that two beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White, are now safely in their new sea sanctuary care area at Klettsvik…

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WDC seeks further ‘school zone’ speed protection from ships for endangered North Atlantic right whales

By Danny Groves / 7th August 2020

Conservation groups including WDC have filed a rule-making petition in the US today seeking additional speed limits for ships along the Atlantic coast to protect…

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250 whales slaughtered in Faroes hunt

By Danny Groves / 20th July 2020

Groups of local people have gathered on the Faroe Islands to begin the ritual slaughter of hundreds of whales in what are known as grinds.…

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