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First kill of striped dolphins this season in Taiji

Courtney Vail

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First kill of striped dolphins this season in Taiji

By Courtney Vail / 30th October 2015

The cove turned red today. Blood flowed from underneath the tarps covering the killing zone. Not everything can be hidden from us, the observers. It…

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On Red Cove days, good team spirit is needed most

By Courtney Vail / 29th October 2015

Another update is provided from the ground in Taiji, Japan by Hans Peter Roth and Marna Olsen on behalf of WDC. One should never get…

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Those who are not counted

By Courtney Vail / 24th October 2015

Marna Olsen and Hans Peter Roth provide another update from their monitoring activities in Taiji, Japan on behalf of WDC. It could be seen from…

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No Mercy for Dolphins

By Courtney Vail / 20th October 2015

Guest blog’s from Marna Olsen and her trip to Taiji to monitor the dolphin drive hunts on behalf of WDC continue.  Marna’s first few days…

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Heading to Taiji with Mixed Feelings

By Courtney Vail / 19th October 2015

WDC guest blogger, Marna Olsen, is a Faroese anti-hunt campaigner who has travelled to Taiji in Japan, scene of the notorious dolphin drive hunts, to…

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Georgia Aquarium Permit Denial Stands: Court rules in favor of beluga whales

By Courtney Vail / 29th September 2015

The appeal by Georgia Aquarium to overturn and invalidate the decision to deny its request for a permit to import 18 beluga whales from Russia…

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