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All Eyes on London

Courtney Vail

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All Eyes on London

By Courtney Vail / 14th January 2016

The brutal drive hunts that occur annually in the Japanese coastal town of Taiji have taken their toll this season. At least 365 dolphins of…

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No reprieve for dolphins in Taiji

By Courtney Vail / 23rd December 2015

December has been a brutal month for dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Reports from the ground reveal the tragic chase, capture and slaughter of over 100…

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Celebrating WDC-North America’s 10 Year Anniversary: Slow but Steady Progress Towards an End to Captivity

By Courtney Vail / 24th November 2015

As WDC celebrates its ten years in North America, we have been reflecting on both our achievements and the work that still needs to be…

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First pilot whales of the season killed in Taiji

By Courtney Vail / 20th November 2015

Reports from Taiji reveal the brutal struggle of a large pod of pilot whales that were chased, captured and held for several days before their…

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More bottlenose driven into the cove in Taiji, Japan

By Courtney Vail / 10th November 2015

Recent reports from Taiji reveal the tragic chase, capture and slaughter of at least two separate small pods of bottlenose dolphins on November 10th. Of…

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Not again! Yet another drive hunt

By Courtney Vail / 1st November 2015

Marna Olsen continues her reporting from Taiji, Japan It was hard to believe, but again this morning hunting boats grouped together out by the horizon.…

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