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Putting Dolphins First

By Courtney Vail / 14th June 2016

With its recent announcement that it will absolutely be pursuing the development of a sanctuary for the dolphins in its care, the National Aquarium in…

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Another dolphin found shot in the Gulf of Mexico

By Courtney Vail / 17th May 2016

WDC has reported on the growing number of incidents of dolphin vandalism in the Gulf of Mexico over the past several years, and has even…

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Groups Welcome Federal Agency’s Decision to Protect Russian Beluga Whales

By Courtney Vail / 4th April 2016

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), Cetacean Society International (CSI), and Earth Island Institute (EII) lauded the National Marine Fisheries Service…

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SeaWorld’s stunning announcement: A sunset on orcas in captivity?

By Courtney Vail / 21st March 2016

SeaWorld’s recent announcement that it will immediately end its captive breeding program for orcas throughout all of its parks, alongside a phasing out of its traditional…

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Dolphin Drive Hunt Season Nears its end in Taiji

By Courtney Vail / 4th March 2016

As the month of February comes to an end and another March begins, we hold our collective breath, waiting for a signal that the brutal…

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Dolphins in the Desert—what’s wrong with this picture?

By Courtney Vail / 29th January 2016

What do a seemingly innocuous article circulating in the Mexican media in early January and a profile piece on an amusement park industry website have in common?…

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