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Slow Ships for Safe Whales

Colleen Weiler

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Slow Ships for Safe Whales

By Colleen Weiler / 22nd August 2013

As a policy intern I spend most of my time in the office, reading a lot of important papers and doing a lot of important…

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Boo on Shamu!

By Colleen Weiler / 14th August 2013

Is SeaWorld trying to buy our forgiveness by connecting with well-known and well-loved brands? First Wendy’s, now Stauffer’s (the ones who make those delicious animal…

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Saving the North Atlantic Right Whale…

By Colleen Weiler / 6th August 2013

We at WDC-NA have been working overtime to raise awareness of the ship strike rule and its potential expiration, which would increase the risk to…

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Give Wendy's a Frosty Cold Shoulder

By Colleen Weiler / 26th July 2013

I like a good Wendy’s Frosty as much as anybody does, and I definitely like whale toys (whale anything, really) more than the average person,…

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Blackfish Q&A

By Colleen Weiler / 1st July 2013

Last Monday, WDC-NA had the chance to take part in a screening of “Blackfish,” a soon-to-be-released documentary by director Gabriela Cowperthwaite that focuses on the…

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Everybody Loves Whales!

By Colleen Weiler / 25th June 2013

Anyone who loves animals reacts strongly to the images of whales and dolphins being hunted and killed, and we tend to direct our anger toward…

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