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Ending whale and dolphin captivity in the US – how our fight continues

Colleen Weiler

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Ending whale and dolphin captivity in the US – how our fight continues

By Colleen Weiler / 3rd November 2020

We’ve been thrilled to share happy news with you recently about our work to end captivity. Those two awesome belugas, Little White and Little Grey…

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New babies bring hope for orcas on the edge of extinction

By Colleen Weiler / 29th September 2020

A silver lining of this strange year was the news that Tahlequah, the orca who touched hearts worldwide two years ago as she mourned the…

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Tahlequah the orca is pregnant and I’m holding my breath

By Colleen Weiler / 4th August 2020

I felt such conflicting emotions when I heard the news that Tahlequah is expecting a new calf. You may remember Tahlequah as the orca who…

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Canada announces 2019 plans to protect North Atlantic right whales

By Colleen Weiler / 8th February 2019

February 7, 2019:  Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) announced their 2019 management measures to reduce risk to North Atlantic right whales in Canadian…

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What will life hold for the new Southern Resident orca baby?

By Colleen Weiler / 5th February 2019

It’s been non-stop excitement since news broke of a brand new baby in the endangered Southern Resident orca community, who live off the west coast of the…

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Another dolphin dies at Dolphinaris Arizona

By Colleen Weiler / 2nd February 2019

Another dolphin has died at Dolphinaris Arizona, the fourth death in less than two years at the controversial marine park.  Just one month after the…

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