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Whaling in Japan, who wins and who loses?

Chris Butler-Stroud

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Whaling in Japan, who wins and who loses?

By Chris Butler-Stroud / 28th June 2019

As the G20 global leaders meet in Japan, Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s CEO, Chris Butler-Stroud reflects on the political motivations that keep the whaling industry…

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Will Japan’s new emperor bring new hope for whales?

By Chris Butler-Stroud / 2nd May 2019

This week, Japan’s Emperor Akihito offered his formal abdication to the Japanese people and delivered his last public address as emperor. He is the first…

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Remembering our friend Jo Toole

By Chris Butler-Stroud / 15th March 2019

All of us here at WDC were deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Jo’s death in last Sunday’s air crash near Addis Ababa. Many…

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How do you fly two beluga whales half way around the world?

By Chris Butler-Stroud / 15th February 2019

As you may well be aware, we are working with the SEA LIFE Trust to create the world’s first sanctuary for captive whales, and later…

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Will Japan leave the International Whaling Commission?

By Chris Butler-Stroud / 13th December 2018

Every now and again whaling interests in Japan call on their government to leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC, the body that regulates whaling). ‘JEXIT’…

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WDC welcomes significant move by European Commission on single-use plastics

By Chris Butler-Stroud / 29th May 2018

The European Commission has put forward a proposal for a European Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.…

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