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Globe-trotting dolphins – what’s going on?

Charlie Phillips

Field officer - Adopt a Dolphin

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Globe-trotting dolphins – what’s going on?

By Charlie Phillips / 9th August 2019

Strange things are afoot with the adopt a dolphin gang. Mischief and pals are off the coast of Holland and Spirtle and co are in…

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Wow – orcas pay a surprise visit to Scotland’s Moray Firth!

By Charlie Phillips / 25th January 2019

What a Fin-tastic start to the year. Over the festive period, a few dorsal fins were popping up here and there in Scotland’s Inner Moray…

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Amazing tales: adventures of the WDC adoption dolphins

By Charlie Phillips / 9th November 2018

Charlie Phillips here, I’m the adopt a dolphin field officer for WDC and I think that I have one of the best jobs in the…

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A gentle start to the dolphin season…

By Charlie Phillips / 3rd May 2018

Looking back on the start of my previous dolphin seasons it looks like we are not too far short of “normal” as far as dolphin…

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Adopt a dolphin star, Kesslet is back in town!

By Charlie Phillips / 19th March 2018

After a week or two of sporadic and very brief sightings of WDC adopt a dolphin star, Kesslet out past Rosemarkie Bay, it was a lovely sight at…

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Can we have some dolphins please?

By Charlie Phillips / 24th January 2018

It has been unusually quiet for dolphin sightings around the Inner Moray Firth over the festive holiday period and I was hoping that by this…

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