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SeaWorld's new exercise device

Cathy Williamson

Policy manager - End Captivity Programme Lead

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SeaWorld's new exercise device

By Cathy Williamson / 23rd September 2013

Amid news of falling ticket sales and share prices, comes an announcement about the development of a “killer whale treadmill” at SeaWorld’s Orlando park. The…

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Springer has a calf!

By Cathy Williamson / 10th July 2013

In the summer of 2007, I was fortunate enough to travel to British Columbia and the waters north of Vancouver Island where the Northern Resident…

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WDC supports petition to list Lolita in US Endangered Species Act

By Cathy Williamson / 2nd July 2013

WDC has written to the United States’ National Marine Fisheries Service in support of a petition filed jointing by Animal Defense League Fund, PETA and…

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Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism

By Cathy Williamson / 24th June 2013

ABTA, the UK Travel Association, has launched a significant report entitled “Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism”. Initially for use for ABTA members, the…

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Another dolphin facility proposed for the Bahamas

By Cathy Williamson / 5th June 2013

WDC has joined local and international NGOs in condemning the proposal for a new captive dolphin facility in the Bahamas, calling on the government to…

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India announces dolphinarium ban

By Cathy Williamson / 20th May 2013

In a highly progressive move for dolphin protection, India’s Central Zoo Authority has issued a circular announcing the decision of India’s Ministry of Environment and…

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