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Providing answers to questions raised about sanctuaries

Cathy Williamson

Policy manager - End Captivity Programme Lead

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Providing answers to questions raised about sanctuaries

By Cathy Williamson / 14th July 2017

Last month, we reported on the devastating death of Jun Jun, a female captive beluga whale at Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai, who was part…

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A look Inside The Tanks

By Cathy Williamson / 30th June 2017

  Recently launched on YouTube, Jonny Meah’s short documentary, Inside the Tanks, presents a balance of views on the keeping of whales and dolphins in…

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Help stop captive dolphins coming to Kuwait!

By Cathy Williamson / 7th April 2017

As the evidence against the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity continues to convince an increasing number of people around the world not to…

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Dolphin drive hunts – hope or despair?

By Cathy Williamson / 18th January 2017

The terrible tally of dolphins killed or captured alive in this season’s drive hunts in Taiji, Japan is currently 402 slaughtered, 102 taken alive and…

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Captures and killing continue in Taiji

By Cathy Williamson / 6th December 2016

In August we reported that the yearly atrocities occurring in Taiji, Japan known as the dolphin drive hunts were about to begin, just before this season’s…

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Forgotten dolphins #5 – sanctuaries and other solutions

By Cathy Williamson / 3rd August 2016

Please sign our petition now As our campaign calling on British Airways to end its relationship with SeaWorld gathers momentum (and thanks to everyone who…

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