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Captive dolphins perform for cruise passengers at the Costa Maya Resort, Mexico

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Cathy Williamson

Cathy Williamson was policy manager of our End Captivity Programme until July 2021.

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Tourist hotspots to roadside zoos – investigating the many faces of dolphin captivity in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Cathy Williamson / 27th April 2021

It’s the paradise dream – a bright blue sea against a backdrop of palm trees, four or five dolphins jumping in unison out of the…

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Will we ever see an end to whale and dolphin captures in Russia?

By Cathy Williamson / 20th October 2020

The infamous whale jail on Russia’s Far East coast stands empty. Between late summer 2018 and November 2019, more than 100 wild-caught beluga whales and…

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Successful campaigning starts at home – how WDC supports grassroots end captivity campaigners

By Cathy Williamson / 18th August 2020

For the last 20 years, I’ve been leading Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s work to end the capture, trade and keeping of whales, dolphins and porpoises…

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Life in lockdown – is this what captivity for whales and dolphins is like?

By Cathy Williamson / 7th April 2020

I’m stuck at home with my immediate family, trying to get used to a new routine of work shifts and home schooling, limited exercise and…

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Is a good outcome possible for the jailed whales in Russia?

By Cathy Williamson / 23rd May 2019

It’s not often that we report good news from Russia about whales and dolphins. We have been fighting for many years to end the capture…

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Dolphins endure extreme suffering when captured from the wild

By Cathy Williamson / 22nd March 2019

It’s not just the dolphins who are killed or captured in Japan’s cruel hunts that suffer. It’s likely that dolphins who witness the hunts but…

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