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Cathy Williamson

Policy manager - End Captivity Programme Lead

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Life in lockdown – is this what captivity for whales and dolphins is like?

By Cathy Williamson / 7th April 2020

If you are able to help with a donation it would mean the world right now: donate I’m stuck at home with my immediate family,…

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Is a good outcome possible for the jailed whales in Russia?

By Cathy Williamson / 23rd May 2019

It’s not often that we report good news from Russia about whales and dolphins. We have been fighting for many years to end the capture…

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Dolphins endure extreme suffering when captured from the wild

By Cathy Williamson / 22nd March 2019

It’s not just the dolphins who are killed or captured in Japan’s cruel hunts that suffer. It’s likely that dolphins who witness the hunts but…

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How we are working with communities to build a whale sanctuary

By Cathy Williamson / 20th February 2019

The beluga whale sanctuary is all about belugas, right? Yes of course it is, but wherever we work to protect whales and dolphins, human beings are involved too. It’s no…

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Orcas and belugas held in appalling ‘whale jail’

By Cathy Williamson / 1st February 2019

You may have read the stories about the so-called ‘whale jail’ in Russia. If you have, you’ll have seen the sickening images of belugas and…

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How long do bottlenose dolphins survive in captivity?

By Cathy Williamson / 23rd August 2018

We were happy to host Zoology student, Grace Long for a two week placement at our UK headquarters, in March. Grace is a student at…

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