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WDC Outreach Visits in Welsh Schools

Alison Wood

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WDC Outreach Visits in Welsh Schools

By Alison Wood / 26th July 2017

This is a guest blog by WDC long-term volunteer, Pam Styles.  Pam has been helping us run our education pilot project in South Wales.  She…

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Talking Whales and Poo to Children

By Alison Wood / 17th July 2017

WDC has recently been visiting schools in South Wales helping children learn about whales and dolphins and their ocean homes. Do whales have belly buttons?…

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Dolphins at Risk from Amazon Dams

By Alison Wood / 3rd July 2017

Most people assume dolphins live in the sea. But there is a small, less well-known group that can live hundreds of miles from the coast,…

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Education with a Porpoise #5 – An Education Blog Series

By Alison Wood / 29th November 2016

WDC is an international leader in educating and exciting people of all ages about whales and dolphins, and this summer we were the proud recipients of…

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Conservation successes for European whales and dolphins

By Alison Wood / 28th November 2016

ACCOBAMS is the acronym for the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and adjacent Atlantic area.  It brings governments…

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New ancient river dolphin species discovered

By Alison Wood / 3rd September 2015

Scientists have discovered a new genus and species of river dolphin that has long been extinct. They have named it Isthminia panamensis in recognition of…

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