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Amazing, beautiful Commerson’s dolphins and what we’re doing to protect them

Alison Wood

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Amazing, beautiful Commerson’s dolphins and what we’re doing to protect them

By Alison Wood / 8th December 2020

WDC has supported Commerson’s dolphin conservation efforts in Patagonia, South America for 25 years. Gathering knowledge about such a remote and little-understood species on a…

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Working with Amazon communities to protect pink river dolphins

By Alison Wood / 11th August 2020

Whale and Dolphin Conservation is a founding supporter of the Natutama Foundation. Natutama works in the Colombian Amazon developing important and often ground-breaking conservation and…

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Fun whale and dolphin ideas for children during lockdown

By Alison Wood / 9th June 2020

I’ve got four daughters at home, itching to get back to school and university, so I am all too familiar with the challenges faced by…

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To save river dolphins, we need to protect their freshwater homes

By Alison Wood / 19th December 2017

Further progress has been recently made in reaching the goal of identifying and protecting important habitat for river dolphins. Experts have agreed that a method…

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WDC Outreach Visits in Welsh Schools

By Alison Wood / 26th July 2017

This is a guest blog by WDC long-term volunteer, Pam Styles.  Pam has been helping us run our education pilot project in South Wales.  She…

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Talking Whales and Poo to Children

By Alison Wood / 17th July 2017

WDC has recently been visiting schools in South Wales helping children learn about whales and dolphins and their ocean homes. Do whales have belly buttons?…

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