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Twilight Walk at Scottish Dolphin Centre

Alison Rose

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Twilight Walk at Scottish Dolphin Centre

By Alison Rose / 13th September 2015

As the sun began to set over the Scottish Dolphin Centre, an intrepid group of visitors joined us for our Twilight Walk at Spey Bay.…

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The Dolphin Enigma- A Poem by Matthew Scott

By Alison Rose / 2nd June 2015

The Dolphin Enigma What is dolphin? Defined by science or subject to interpretation? There are many intangible qualities that make up dolphin. A dolphin is…

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My role: MPA Volunteer at WDC

By Alison Rose / 1st June 2015

My name is Helyn Long I volunteer for WDC in Scotland. In my role as MPA (Marine Protected Area) volunteer it is my job to…

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Baxter’s support – a huge help!

By Alison Rose / 2nd December 2014

Building links with the local community here in Moray, north east Scotland, has been crucial to the success of the Scottish Dolphin Centre. Many many…

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Outdoors is best

By Alison Rose / 5th August 2014

As this is my first blog post I will start by introducing myself. My name is Lorna and I am the education officer based at…

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What makes a great visitor experience?

By Alison Rose / 23rd May 2014

As manager of the Scottish Dolphin Centre, I have good reason to ponder this question. It came up again this week as we were awarded…

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