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Humpback whale with calf

Scientists solve mystery of whale song

One of the big mysteries surrounding exactly how some of the great whales are able...
Common dolphin (delphinus delphis) Gulf of California Mexico.

Alpha Travel Insurance supports WDC’s journey to save and protect whales and dolphins across the globe

Alpha Travel Insurance is inspiring globe trotters to make more sustainable choices wherever their adventure...
Iberian and Baltic harbour porpoises face extinction without urgent action

Success! We help secure higher protection for endangered porpoise at UN meeting

Iberian and Baltic harbour porpoises face extinction without urgent action We are very excited to...
Part of the new exhibition space at the WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre

Listen to whales at our new exhibition

We are thrilled to unveil a brand-new interactive exhibition at the Scottish Dolphin Centre in...

WDC takes ‘A Walk in the Park…with Animal Friends’

Longstanding WDC partner Animal Friends returns with season two of their podcast ‘A Walk in the Park…with Animal Friends’. The podcast aims to engage and inform pet owners across the globe and takes a look at the weird and wonderful world of animals. Animal Friends also feel it is incredibly important to talk about the challenges we still face today when it comes to animal welfare.

WDC’s head of intergovernmental engagement, Ed Goodall, joined podcast host Animal Friends’ chief marketing officer, Patricia Gardiner, and her German Shorthaired Pointer, Skye, on episode eight of the new series.

To keep Skye company, Ed brought along his furry friend Beans the rescue Pug, who thoroughly enjoyed making mischief and eating all the strawberries Animal Friends could provide.

In between preventing the dogs taking over the podcast studio, Ed and Patricia sat down to discuss the truly fascinating world of whales and dolphins. From exploring the situation of whaling in Iceland, to what people can do to help whales and dolphins and why you should never buy a ticket to see a whale or dolphin in captivity, the podcast episode is a brilliant way to find out more about WDC’s work.

Ed and Patricia also discuss the power of whale poo and the role whales play as ecosystem engineers. As Climate Giants Project partners, Animal Friends is helping to fund the research we are conducting alongside the University of Alaska Southeast, looking at the benefits of humpback whale poo in the fight against the climate crisis.

You can listen to each podcast episode when released or on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts and YouTube.

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