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North Atlantic right whale Porcia and calf. Credit: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, taken under NOAA permit 21371-04

Critically Endangered Right Whale Babies Spotted

There are fewer than 350 North Atlantic right whales left in the world. Fewer than 70 of them are females able to have babies. Every single baby is precious and a sign of hope for the survival of the species. This year 11 mother and baby pairs have been spotted including Medusa with her seventh baby, Pilgrim with her first baby, and Spindle with her 10th baby. Watch this beautiful film of Spindle and her baby filmed for the first time.

WDC is working hard in the US to save these magnificent whales from extinction. To do that, we must ensure that every single whale is protected from collisions with vessels and entanglement in fishing gear.

We must halt all whale deaths from human threats and allow the critically endangered North Atlantic right whales to recover.

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