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Fin whale

Planet Earth needs whales

Whales are Climate Giants – in other words, they play a gigantic role in fighting climate change, and we need many, many more whales swimming in the ocean to make the most of this whale super-power!

During commercial whaling years, millions of whales were killed, and many populations have still not recovered.  We need to do more to protect the surviving whales and their ocean habitats from threats so that they can rebuild their numbers. WDC is campaigning for better safety for the whales during their migration journeys across the ocean.

Whales transport and release nutrients vital for ocean life, both across the ocean (whale conveyor belt) and up and down (whale pump). Whale poo and pee is full of vital nutrients and fertilises phytoplankton.  Phytoplankton are tiny one-celled plants with a mighty job to do. They are the base of marine food chains, and they release enormous amounts of oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

More whales does not just mean more whales, it means a healthier ocean, more abundant with life, and a healthier planet Earth!

Whale conveyor belt explained for kids

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