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Buttercups on Shorewatch hill
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Dolphins captured for captivity in Taiji. Image: Hans Peter Roth

Loved and killed – whales and dolphins in Japan

Protests and criticism from outside Japan in response to the slaughter of whales and dolphins...
Narwhal with beluga whales

Unusual Whale Adoptions

Kidzone - quick links Fun Facts Curious kids Blogs Fantastic fundraisers Gallery Splish and Splash...
Irrawaddy dolphin

Helping fishers protect dolphins in Sarawak, Borneo

Fishing nets are bad news for dolphins and porpoises, so we're working with local fishers...
Dolphin watching from Chanonry Point, Scotland. Image: WDC/Charlie Phillips

Discovering inner peace – whale and dolphin watching and mental wellbeing

Guest blog If you've ever seen whales or dolphins in the wild, you'll know that...
Whale tail

An ocean of hope

In a monumental, jaw-dropping demonstration of global community, the nations of the world made history...
North Atlantic right whale Porcia and her calf.

Critically Endangered Right Whale Babies Spotted

Kidzone - quick links Fun Facts Curious kids Blogs Fantastic fundraisers Gallery Splish and Splash...
The infamous killing cove at Taiji, Japan

Why the Taiji dolphin hunt can never be justified

Supporters of the dolphin slaughter in Japan argue that killing a few hundred dolphins every...
Image: Peter Linforth

Tracking whales from space will help us save them

Satellite technology holds one of the keys to 21st century whale conservation, so we're exploring...

Spring is here at the Scottish Dolphin Centre

Buttercups, snowdrops and dolphin sightings are out in Spey Bay

Our Scottish Dolphin Centre recently re-opened for the new season and our Shorewatch programme is gearing up for the months ahead.

It can mean only one thing: spring is finally here!

With opportunities to head outside, like the reopening of the centre and enjoy warmer weather, here are some essentials to make these new beginnings even more enjoyable.

Buttercups on Shorewatch hill
Dolphin & calf first day of opening 3.3.2022

Spring Greeting Cards

A UK spring in the natural world means fluffy babbers and what could be more appropriate than to celebrate Easter with one of these adorable duckling cards? If the ducklings aren’t your thing then choose from one of many others, including these creative daffodil prints or the sparkly hares, made with eco friendly glitter.

Eco-Chic Picnic Essentials

We are so thankful for the return of picnics! As it’s spring (and the UK) there is no guarantee that your non-waterproof blanket will hold up on potentially soggy ground. Eco Chic have a few solutions to this, from waterproof blankets to foldable lightweight cool bags. The blankets fold into their own handy carry cases, are even sand resistant and they’re made from recycled plastic bottles!


W'Zis? plant-based doggy treats

Want to feed your pooch but worried about the impact of your pet food on the planet? W’zis has a great solution – plant-based treats! Before you say ‘but they’re carnivores!’ W’zis treats are created to be appropriate for a doggy diet with a variety of nutritional needs.


Save the Whale Save the World T-shirt

Whip off your jumper and show off these stylish save the whale save the world t-shirts. Made from 100% cotton and designed in-house by SDC staff!

The Carrot Who was Too Big for his Bed

Spring also means planting seeds and having fun watching them sprout. This delightful story about a little carrot who grows so quickly he cant stay in his bed is a lovely introduction to gardening for children. The front and back covers are even plantable with the whole book having been printed on recycled paper and it comes with carrot seeds.

Ages 3+. Adult supervision required.

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