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North Atlantic right whale

Meet Batman the whale and his friends

Batman - North Atlantic right whale
Batman the North Atlantic right whale © New England Aquarium / Canadian Whale Institute

North Atlantic right whales are critically endangered; there are only around 366 left. WDC is working hard to protect every single one of them from the life-threatening dangers they face day-to-day from entanglement in fishing gear and collisions with boats.

Eighteen of these precious whales have recently been named. Each name describes the whale’s unique natural markings and scars. This makes the names easy to remember and helps everyone recognise individual whales they spot in the ocean.  The whales’ names also help bring them to life in peoples’ hearts and minds.

Twister has a tornado shaped scar on his tail; Dune has a single marking on his lip that looks like a sand dune; and Spindle has a long mark on her head shaped like a banister spindle.

Musketeer is an 8 year old whale who has three markings on the head which remind everyone of the Three Musketeers, and a scar behind the blowholes that looks like the feather on a Musketeer’s hat. Musketeer’s closest friend is a whale called Tripelago.

Batman has two white marks on his right lower lip that look like Batman eyes through a mask. Batman is at least 41 years old and his closest friend is a whale named Epic.

Twister, Dune, Spindle, Musketeer, Tripelago, Batman, Epic and all of their friends and relatives need our love, support and full protection to survive and rebuild their numbers.

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