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Annabel Moore writing and illustrating Whales' Warning
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Humpback whale. Image: Christopher Swann

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Pilot whales pooing © Christopher Swann

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Fin whale (balaenoptera physalus) Three fin whales Gulf of California.

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Celebrating all our amazing supporters and one incredible ten-year-old called Annabel

You, our brilliant supporters make everything our team at WDC does for whales and dolphins possible. Without a doubt, we know we have the most committed and enthusiastic supporters in the world. This past year you have surpassed yourselves in your efforts to support us and we simply could not do what we do without you. You signed petitions, wrote emails, tweeted decision-makers, supported campaigns, climbed mountains, ran marathons, swam, hiked, cycled, baked, made crafts, bought raffle tickets, and donated your birthdays. There is pretty much nothing you haven’t done to help us fight the challenging threats whales and dolphins face.


You can help even further with a festive donation!

Many of you have encouraged your friends and family to help and get involved and sometimes motivation comes from a child who is infectiously passionate about whales and dolphins. Ten-year-old Annabel is fascinated by the ocean and wants to help protect it and all the creatures that live there. When she talked to her mum and aunt about an idea she had for a story about whales and climate change, they encouraged her to write it and illustrate it too.  The result is that young Annabel is now a published author and her family are donating all money from sales of her book, Whales’ Warning, to support our work!

Whales’ Warning has an important message for us from whales: it is our responsibility to act now to save our planet from the climate crisis we have caused.


Annabel’s story is about a young humpback whale called Sakari who swims with her grandpa on migration from their Arctic feeding grounds to their tropical breeding grounds. On their journey the whales encounter melting ice caps, severe storms, raging forest fires, rafts of plastic pollution, and an entangled turtle called Shellington.

Whales warning illustration

Sakari is surprised to discover she has such an important role to play in keeping the ocean healthy and reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Grandpa explains that whale poo is the preferred food of phytoplankton (microscopic oceanic plants) which absorb phenomenal amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year – the same as 148 billion trees. Whales are Climate Giants.

Whales warning climate illustration

Annabel’s paintings in the book are stunning and she makes an extraordinarily good case for humans to sit up and listen to the whales’ warning and reduce carbon emissions now to secure a future for all life on Earth.

Whales’ Warning is available through the Annabel’s Eco Mission Facebook page. It costs £5 and every single penny from sales will be donated to WDC.

If you have a young whale warrior or dolphin defender at home, WDC has plenty of challenge awards and fundraising ideas for youngsters.

Our children’s adopt a whale or dolphin includes the inspiring Splash! magazine and regular adoption updates.  Kidzone is our children’s website and has ideas to get involved including Donate Your Birthday (opting for donations to WDC in lieu of party presents), plenty of sponsorship ideas including the Big Splash Swim, beach and urban litter picks and craft activities.



WDC recognises that every child is unique and the ways that they wish to or are able to support us will differ

Please help us this festive season

Your donation will help us protect whales as if our lives depend on it ... because they do!

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