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Success! Tidal turbine project that could harm dolphins is halted

Rissos dolphins off Bardsey Island credit WDC Following years of campaign work to halt a...

Mystery surrounds large number of whales washing up in US

Whale tail injured in collision with a vessel A number of whales have washed up...

US government refuses to shield endangered right whales from lethal ship collisions

The Biden administration in the US has denied an emergency petition that seeks to protect...

Automated cruelty – vending machines in Japan now dispense dead whale

In an effort to prop up the cruel and declining whale hunting industry in Japan,...

Dolphin who survived severe sunburn has baby


Spirtle, the dolphin who made the headlines after being badly sunburned while she was stranded in Scotland in 2016 has now given birth to a calf.

Spirtle is a bottlenose dolphin and  part of the resident population living in the waters around the Moray Firth. She was close to death after spending 24 hours stuck on the shore but she was spotted by passers by, refloated and survived severe sunburn that still marks her skin today.  And now, to add to her amazing story, she now seems to have a baby too!

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