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WDC x OneNine5 Eco Essentials Pouch
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OneNine5 launches a super sustainable eco-travel pouch


Travel goods company, OneNine5 has launched a stylish eco-essentials pouch supporting WDC. With every pouch sold, OneNine5 will donate 20% of sales towards WDC’s conservation work protecting whales and dolphins around the globe.

This co-branded, multipurpose pouch is perfect to organise and store anything you carry on the move. You can use it as your makeup or cosmetic bag, tech pouch or a home for those everyday valuables.

Named after the 195 countries in the world, OneNine5 create eco-conscious, unisex travel goods that are perfect for the modern traveller. They love to travel, but they also love whales - and their logo proves it!

Humpback whales are the Earth’s true global travellers, making some of the longest migrations of any whale in the ocean. These whales travel thousands of miles each year, all the while helping us to reduce the planet’s CO2 levels by locking carbon away in their huge bodies. By purchasing the WDC Eco-Essentials Pouch, WDC will be able to continue its work protecting these majestic whales from threats like whaling, vessel strikes and pollution while allowing them to help us in our fight against climate change.

“We are proud and excited to announce our first charity partnership with WDC. OneNine5 was founded in response to the single-use plastic problem our planet faces and ocean conservation is at the heart of OneNine5. We were horrified by the story of The Plastic Whale in 2017 and wanted to take positive action to do our bit.Says Alex Stewart, Founder of OneNine5, “This is just the start of a long-term partnership, we want to support WDC’s vision, educate others about the challenges that whales & dolphins face and contribute to WDC’s amazing work, protecting our oceans.”

OneNine5 prioritises environmental sustainability which is why their Eco Essentials Pouch is constructed from a durable, vegan leather outer and a lining made from 100% recycled plastic. The WDC, Eco Essentials Pouch is built to last but when the time comes to dispose of it, you can return it back to OneNine5, free of charge and they will ensure the materials are either reused or recycled.

On top of that, the packaging has also been given the same eco-friendly consideration - using recycled kraft paper, that’s fully recyclable and shipping bags that safely dissolve in warm water, leaving no micro plastics or toxins behind.

Purchase your WDC Eco-Essentials Pouch now and travel in style while helping protect whales and dolphins.

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