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Ali and Lucy Tabrizi's Netflix film Seaspiracy is compelling viewing for anyone who cares for the ocean.  The film covers many of the issues WDC cares most deeply about – the fight to stop whaling, the crisis of plastic and chemical pollution and, most of all, the appalling damage being wrought by widespread, poorly managed and sometimes illegal fishing.

For people who enjoy eating fish and shellfish the film will be an unsettling watch. It is a reminder to consider how and where the fish on your plate was caught, or if you should eat it at all.

For individual fishers, those trying hardest to minimise their impact on the seas, the film will be frustrating.  They may feel tarred with the same brush as the industrialised, badly regulated and illegal fishing they themselves complain about.

For the NGOs criticised in the film, those trying to navigate complex commercial and political interests, Seaspiracy’s uncompromising position will make for difficult viewing.

Seaspiracy is, in many ways, an oversimplification.  But for all of us, it contains uncomfortable truths about the devastating impacts humanity is having on marine life, and the role we can all play in reversing them.

So I would say, watch the film.  Discuss it with friends.  Find out what is happening.  Raise concerns with your parliamentarian.  Read trusted sources and make your own decisions.

We can’t tell you what to do or think, all we can do is tell people what we know and be a voice for whales and dolphins.  Find out more about the impact of bycatch on whales and dolphins, what we are doing about it and how you can help.

In the words of Sylvia Earle: 'No-one can do everything.  But everyone can do something.'

Please help us today with a donation

Hundreds of thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales die a horrible death in fishing gear every year. But we know the solutions. We CAN stop this. Your donation will help us say Goodbye Bycatch.


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