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Humpback whale

Mercury Learning’s support for WDC is “out of this world”

This Digital Learning Day, we wanted to celebrate one of our long-term partners, Mercury Learning & Information, for all the incredible support they’ve given us over the past few years.

Mercury Learning, a print and digital book publisher providing content in the areas of science and medicine, technology and computing, engineering, and mathematics (STEM disciplines), first supported WDC with their digital book sale through Humble Bundle in 2018.

Since then, their support through regular sales of science and programming digital books has helped raise an amazing $280,000 for WDC, funding some of our most vital projects all over the world to help us achieve each of our 4 goals – ending captivity, stopping whaling, preventing deaths in nets and creating healthy seas.

Not only has this support has helped our global efforts to protect all whales and dolphins, but a portion of Mercury’s funding is also focused on helping WDC’s North American team to achieve some major successes in their campaigns over recent months.

Photo by Rob Lott
Photo by Rob Lott

Like WDC North America, Mercury Learning calls the US East Coast ‘home’, sharing this amazing coastline not only with WDC’s North American team, but with the whales we’re working tirelessly to protect, including humpbacks, minke, fin whales, and North Atlantic right whales.

  • Their support has enabled WDC North America to expand our urgent outreach work on the US West Coast to protect the Southern Resident orcas.
  • It has also directly supported our ability to deliver outstanding educational programmes to students anywhere in the world. With so many schools holding remote classes, WDC’s educational presentations and activities provided enrichment to hundreds of kids and their families.
  • It’s also helped us to launch a major campaign to make sure the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale have safe places to live. Sadly, the two biggest threats that right whales face are becoming entangled in fishing gear and being struck by vessels. By lowering the chances of these accidents happening, we can give right whales safer seas in which to feed, socialise, and raise their young.

Successes like these can only be achieved through the generosity of our supporters – both individuals, and partners like Mercury Learning. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Mercury Learning & Information for all they do to help us work towards our goal of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

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