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Go Team Ocean! The Cheeky Panda makes a splash for World Whale Day

Photo by Dr. Cara Miller
Photo by Dr. Cara Miller

Sustainable toilet paper company, The Cheeky Panda, is splashing out on World Whale Day by donating 10% of all profits from the day to WDC.

On Sunday 21st February, in honour of World Whale Day, any time you shop on The Cheeky Panda’s website for their sustainably sourced bamboo tissue and paper products, 10% will be donated to WDC’s conservation work to protect whales and dolphins across the globe.

With their amazing range of plastic-free products, including toilet paper, wet wipes, nappies, straws and more, The Cheeky Panda is helping to keep the ocean clean, while also combating climate change by saving hundreds of thousands of trees through their use of ultra-sustainable bamboo in their products.

Thank you to everyone at The Cheeky Panda for your continued and passionate support.

Don’t forget to visit The Cheeky Panda’s online shop on Sunday February 21st to stock up on your planet-saving and help raise funds for WDC.

How have The Cheeky Panda been supporting WDC?

Back in the summer 2020, WDC and The Cheeky Panda first joined forces to raise awareness of the threats whales and dolphins face from plastic pollution, as well as the incredibly important role whales play in mitigating climate change. The Cheeky Panda launched the partnership with a whopping £10,000 donation towards WDC’s conservation work, including our Green Whale programme, and the partnership has got stronger since.

The Cheeky Panda have now partnered with three charities (including WDC), forming their ‘Earth, Ocean, People’ initiative, as part of their work towards the UN’s Sustainability Goals. Their passionate staff have formed three teams (each supporting one charity) to help change the world for the better, with aptly named ‘Team Ocean’ supporting WDC. This passionate pod of pandas has been busy with numerous fundraising initiatives such as adopting Rainbow the dolphin, planning an Urban Beach Clean, even setting up their own shop selling handmade gifts!

The Cheeky Panda's Team Ocean Leader, Emilia Sandoghar
The Cheeky Panda's Team Ocean Leader, Emilia Sandoghar

The Cheeky Panda’s Ocean Team Leader, Emilia Sandoghar says: The Cheeky Panda’s Ocean Team Leader, Emilia Sandoghar says: “We chose to support WDC because the ocean is incredibly important not only for the whales and dolphins that call it home, but also for the health of the planet. At the moment, only a tiny percentage of the ocean is protected and we want to help WDC push that to 30%.”

Not only is Team Ocean supporting WDC, but The Cheeky Panda’s main online shop is also playing a part. Customers can support their favourite charity by donating their loyalty points (called Panda Points). So anytime you shop online with The Cheeky Panda, you can support WDC, by gaining reward points which you can choose to further donate to our work.


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