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Long-finned pilot whale

Pilot whales strand in New Zealand

Volunteer rescuers from Project Jonah, experts in attending strandings, were able to return nearly 30...

Norway takes action to save porpoises from death in nets

In what the government describes as a rapid regulatory change, fishers in parts of Norway...
Photo by WDC

Go Team Ocean! The Cheeky Panda makes a splash for World Whale Day

Photo by Dr. Cara Miller On Sunday 21st February, in honour of World Whale Day,...
Common dolphin with injuries from fishing net

WDC highlights how UK Government can save a dolphin a day

Based on recent figures, it is estimated that around 1,000 porpoises, hundreds of dolphins and...

Photo software donation helps WDC focus our dolphin protection efforts

Photo by Charlie Phillips
Photo by Charlie Phillips

We are so happy to announce that award-winning photo-editing software company, Skylum, has raised an incredible $76,000 for WDC through their recent Luminar 4 sale with online store Humble Bundle

Selling over 31,500 copies between 11th November 2020 - 6th January 2021, this software bundle also featured Skylum’s Aurora HDR, Photolemur 3 and a collection of styling packages called ‘Looks’ that can add additional elements to your photos. Originally scheduled to finish on 2nd December 2020, the sale was extended multiple times into the new year, due to its popularity.

Throughout the sale, WDC ambassador and wildlife photographer, Drew Sutton, and WDC Adopt a Dolphin field officer and award winning photographer, Charlie Phillips tried out Luminar 4 on their own whale and dolphin photographs – and the results were amazing!

WDC Adopt and Dolphin field officer, Charlie Phillips says: “Skylum's support for WDC through Humble Bundle has been a welcome gift, and I am really impressed by the quality and usability of Luminar 4 - especially with the AI functionality, which has saved me a lot of time on my editing process.”

WDC Adopt a Dolphin field officer, Charlie Phillips' amazing photo transformations using Luminar 4
WDC Adopt a Dolphin field officer, Charlie Phillips' amazing photo transformations using Luminar 4

The COVID 19 pandemic and multiple lockdowns in the UK have had quite a significant impact on Charlie’s ability to carry out his vital role monitoring the dolphin populations in Scotland, and bringing WDC dolphin adopters their monthly updates. We’re pleased to announce that the funds raised from this bundle will go towards some innovative and urgent equipment that will help Charlie continue his work during these difficult times.

"At Skylum, our photo software is used by creative photographers and lovers of all things nature around the world," said Kevin La Rue, VP of Int'l Business Development at Skylum. "When it came time to select an environmentally conscious and impactful cause to support, it was easy. Whale and Dolphin Conservation was our top choice because of their commitment to saving these intelligent creatures. Also, with whales playing a big role in mitigating the effects of climate change, this partnership helps us contribute to carbon offsetting to stem the ravaging effects of global warming”

We want to say a huge thank you to Skylum for choosing to support WDC’s work to keep whales and dolphins safe and free, and for helping us find a solution to a major challenge for our field team as a result of COVID 19 travel restrictions.

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