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Over 570 whales killed during 2021 hunts in Norway

The highest number of whales killed in Norway since 2016 has been announced just as...
A wild orca in Iceland

Shocking footage of captive orca butting head against wall

Kiska is a wild caught Icelandic orca who has spent the last four decades in...
Atlantic white-sided dolphin

Even locals outraged as 1400 dolphins die in Faroese hunt

Much of the criticism has come from within the country where usually there is a...
Sand art whale and calf on UK beach

WDC joins with BRITA to send plastic pollution warning

To mark the launch of the report, WDC partner BRITA has also revealed worrying survey...

Stunning new whale watching venue to be built in Norway

News pic

New plans to open a huge, land-based whale watching attraction in Norway will promote the amazing opportunities see whales in Norway but could also help change the opinions of some Norwegians who still support whale hunting in the region.  

The stunning looking building will sit right on the shore around 300km north of the Arctic Circle, enabling visitors to get very close to passing whales without disturbing them or their habitat.

Norway currently hunts minke whales under an 'objection' to the International Whaling Commission's (IWC) ban on commercial whaling, and a total of 429 minke whales were killed during the  2019 season. But this figure is low in comparison to previous years and mirrors the dwindling support for the hunts (and consumption of whale meat) in Norway, something which WDC highlighted in a recent survey.

This new attraction, called ‘The Whale’ could play a big part in helping end the unprofitable practice of hunting in Norway once and for all.

The site will cover 4,500 sq m and feature a large curved roof that will also allow the public to walk onto and view the whales from a higher vantage point. Inside the building there will be exhibitions that offer an insight into the lives of these amazing creatures.

The design is the brainchild of architecture firm, Dorte Mandrup and the development is expected to be finished by 2022.

WDC is fighting to STOP whaling. DONATE and help.

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Over 570 whales killed during 2021 hunts in Norway

The highest number of whales killed in Norway since 2016 has been announced just as WDC and partners have released the findings of a new...

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