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My lucky number – 13 years studying amazing Risso’s dolphins

Everything we learn about the Risso's dolphins off the coast of Scotland amazes us and...
Dead sperm whale in The Wash, East Anglia, England. © CSIP-ZSL.

What have dead whales ever done for us?

When dead whales wash up on dry land they provide a vital food source for...
Risso's dolphin © Andy Knight

We’re getting to know Risso’s dolphins in Scotland so we can protect them

Citizen scientists in Scotland are helping us better understand Risso's dolphins by sending us their...
Pilot whales pooing © Christopher Swann

Talking crap and carcasses to protect our planet

We know we need to save the whale to save the world because they are...
Fin whale (balaenoptera physalus) Three fin whales Gulf of California.

Speaking truth to power – my week giving whales a voice

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting is where governments come together to make decisions about whaling...

Why do whales and dolphins strand on beaches?

People often ask me 'why' whales and dolphins do one thing or another.  I'm a...
A spinner dolphin leaping © Andrew Sutton/Eco2

Head in a spin – my incredible spinner dolphin encounter

Sri Lanka is home to at least 30 species of whales and dolphins, from the...
Orca (ID171) breaches off the coast of Scotland © Steve Truluck.

Watching whales and dolphins in the wild can be life changing

Whales and dolphins are too intelligent, too large and too mobile to ever thrive in...

Take part in our competition to win an adorable limited edition Māui dolphin bag by Don Fisher!

This cute Māui dolphin bag is a limited edition piece made by our wonderful partners Don Fisher. Only 57 bags have been made, one to represent each of the critically endangered Māui dolphin individuals that are now left in the world.

You can win your very own bag by entering our competition! All you need to do to enter is to answer the question ‘What’s the maximum length of a Māui dolphin calf when it’s born?’ on social media by replying to one of our posts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Click here to visit the post on Twitter
Click here to visit the post on Facebook
Click here to visit the post on Instagram

There are only around 57 of these tiny dolphins left in the world, living around the coast of New Zealand. We have been campaigning to keep them safe by calling on the New Zealand government to remove fishing nets from their habitat. You can read more about the Māui dolphin, the issues they face and how WDC has been campaigning to help protect them by clicking here.

Entries close at midday BST on Friday 11th October.

Good luck!


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