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New government marine wildlife code to help reduce dolphin disturbance

The launch today by UK Government of new guidance on how to act responsibly around...

UK government to extend ivory ban to stop the sale of orca teeth

Following the UK ban on the import, export and dealing of elephant ivory in 2022,...

Dead whale beauty products to be sold in Japanese vending machine stores

Antarctic minke whale alongside Japanese whaling ship. Photo © Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert Japanese whale hunting company,...

Arrests made following illegal whale meat smuggling from Japan to South Korea

Customs authorities in Busan, South Korea, have arrested six people for allegedly smuggling at least...

Sun, sea, sand and an adorable Māui dolphin by your side!

Māui dolphin bag by Don Fisher

WDC and Don Fisher launch limited edition beach bag to help save the Māui dolphin.

Barcelona based Don Fisher hand-make beautiful bags and purses inspired by marine life and they are launching a new product with a very important purpose!

Their new Māui dolphin bag will be a limited edition - there will only be 57 available, one to represent each of the estimated number of critically endangered Māui dolphins remaining on the planet. For each bag sold, 30 euros will be donated to WDC to carry on our important work to save this tiny dolphin from extinction. Like the dolphins themselves, each bag is unique.

Māui dolphins are the smallest dolphins in the world, growing up to just 1.45m from nose to tail. Their bodies have beautiful black, white and grey markings, with white bellies and throats and striking black tails, and they only live areas around the coast of New Zealand.

These dolphins are in serious trouble. They are dying in fishing nets at a rate that will wipe them out forever if urgent action is not taken. We need to remove the killer nets from the dolphins’ home. Like us, they breathe air. If they become trapped in a net, unable to get to the surface to take a breath, a dolphin will close her or his blowhole and, tragically, suffocate.

Lorena Fernández from Don Fisher commented: ‘When WDC contacted us to help them save the critically endangered Māui dolphin we had no doubt about our answer. We obviously love the ocean and its sea creatures and we thought it would be a great idea to create 57 unique Māui dolphin bags, one for each of the Māuis scientists estimate are left our planet. We loved the design process of the bag and think the result is adorable. We truly hope this collaboration will contribute to saving these beautiful dolphins.’

Each of the three parties of New Zealand’s coalition government made election promises to protect these dolphins but so far little action has been taken. WDC is working hard to convince the government to keep its promise to ban destructive fishing methods from the dolphins’ home and protect these iconic, intelligent mammals before it’s too late – and our partnership with Don Fisher will help support this urgent work.

Pick up one today and help WDC’s work to protect Māui dolphins from extinction.



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