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Icelandic hunting vessels in port

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Commerson's dolphin

New Important Marine Mammal Areas added to global ocean conservation list

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Image showing two harpoon wounds in fin whale

Whalers kill just days after Iceland’s hunt suspension is lifted

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Fin whale

Icelandic government lifts suspension on cruel hunts

The Icelandic government is to allow fin whales to be hunted again after lifting a...

Acclaimed fashion designer Katharine Hamnett joins WDC fight to halt whaling

Katharine Hamnett wearing her 'Please Stop Whaling' t-shirt design

Fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, best known for her bold political statement t-shirts, has lent her voice to the growing international outcry against Japan’s decision to resume the commercial slaughter of whales this summer, and against the continuing hunts in Iceland and Norway.

In partnership with WDC, she has released a new t-shirt design which carries the simple message ‘Please Stop Killing Whales’, aimed at the Japanese government and those in power in Iceland and Norway, who ignore the current international ban on hunting whales for commercial profit.

The release of the new t-shirt, which is printed and produced by ethical clothing manufacturer Teemill, comes 36 years after Hamnett initially launched her ‘Save the Whale’, ‘Choose Life’, ‘Ban Pollution’ t-shirt range, making her name as a political activist and champion of ethical fashion.

Hamnett comments: “We do not need to kill whales. They are a vital part of the marine ecosystem. All living things have a symbiotic relationship.”

Last year Japan’s government announced that it was turning its back on a 37-year international ban on killing whales for commercial profit and leaving the International Whaling Commission (the global body responsible for regulating whale hunting).  The ban was arguably one of the greatest ever achievements in international conservation, and came into force following worldwide condemnation of the way entire whale species were being driven to extinction.

“Whaling and humankind’s destruction of the marine environment has led to the loss of 80% of the original whale biomass from our oceans, and many populations still haven’t recovered almost four decades since the ban came into force,” says Chris Butler-Stroud, WDC chief executive. “The slaughter of whales for profit and for politics is inhumane, it is wrong and it has far-reaching impacts for the health of the planet.  We can never allow the ban on hunting whales to be overturned and are grateful to Katherine Hamnett and Teemill for their support in raising this issue.”

Whaling is a cruel practice using grenade-tipped harpoons fired from a moving vessel that explode on impact, often leaving the whale in agony for up to an hour before death. A percentage of money raised from the sales of the t-shirt will support WDC’s efforts to end the senseless practice of whale hunting around the globe.

For more information on how to buy the t-shirts go to


Green MP Caroline Lucas wearing 'Please Stop Whaling' t-shirt in support of a ban on whaling. Green MP Caroline Lucas wearing ‘Please Stop Whaling’ t-shirt in support of a ban on whaling.


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