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A Baby Humpback Whale Plays Near the Surface in Blue Water

New report by Deloitte and WDC does a deep dive into the opportunities for businesses in embracing oceanic biodiversity

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) and Deloitte have released a new report that shines a...
Nets set in Norway to catch minke whales

Minke whale dies before cruel hearing experiments begin

Nets set in Norway to catch minke whales A cruel and pointless experiment to test...
WDC joins local protesters on anti whaling march in Iceland

Pressure mounts in Iceland as latest survey shows majority of local people want whale hunting to end

WDC joins local protesters on anti whaling march in Iceland For the first time, those...

New government marine wildlife code to help reduce dolphin disturbance

The launch today by UK Government of new guidance on how to act responsibly around...

WDC and GRN Sportswear launch their new Net Positive range

To support WDC’s bycatch campaign to stop whales and dolphins being caught in fishing nets, and the growing concerns about the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans, WDC is launching a partnership with GRN sportswear. GRN make a range of products from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles, helping to reduce ocean pollution which so often impacts upon many types of marine life.

In collaboration with WDC GRN are launching a new WDC range of sports clothing, the ‘Net Positive’ range, which includes cycle gear, a tri-suit, men’s & women’s swimwear, a hoodie and a t-shirt.

“We at GRN sportswear are extremely excited to be working in partnership with the WDC on the Net Positive range.  The range has been developed to be high performing, visually appealing and is made from the most technically advanced sustainable materials.  We hope that our contributions to WDC will help raise awareness of how we can make better use of the earth’s resources and of the need to protect our oceans and the amazing creatures that live in them.” – Rob Webbon, GRN.

GRN’s products use New Life Yarn (which is produced entirely from recycled plastic bottles, and is breathable, wicking, soft, light and fast drying), and Econyl: a high performance nylon which uses recycled fishing nets as one of its waste streams.   All of the technical garments are designed and made in the UK, which allowsGRN to guarantee ethical production and keeps their supply chains short.

For their t-shirts they also use one of the planet’s most sustainable natural fabrics – bamboo, and organic cotton for their hoodies.

 “We’re thrilled to partner with the brilliant folk at GRN who are turning fishing nets into clothing. Hundreds of thousands of dolphins, whales and porpoises die in fishing gear every year – thousands in UK waters. It’s estimated that in the last 20 years, 100,000 common dolphins have suffocated in nets in the English Channel alone. At WDC we’re determined to end these needless deaths and GRN’s creativity and support will help us. “– Julia Thoms, campaigns manager at WDC

The new range will be available on the GRN website,, with 20% of the RRP from every sale supporting WDC’s projects around the world to ensure that whales and dolphins are able to live safe and free in the oceans. Whether you are planning your own challenge event, are a sport/fitness enthusiast, or just want to add a new t-shirt to your wardrobe, the Net Positive range will be one that you’re proud to wear!

“Charities such as WDC, the public and government all have a role to play in combatting the threat of plastics waste to whales and dolphins, but it’s the exciting innovations by companies such as GRN that will really help us all make the necessary changes in our everyday lives. GRN’s exciting new WDC range of sports clothing is a great example of how we can turn a threat into an opportunity; where, with the creativity of the team at GRN, the very products that are the problem can be reused whilst generating support to protect the very whales and dolphins they could have helped to kill” – Chris Butler-Stroud, chief executive at WDC

See the full Net Positive range here

The WDC range will be available on pre-order and will be delivered within five weeks from order.