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Majestic fin whales

Icelandic whalers kill first fin whales in four years

As feared, whale hunters in Iceland have slaughtered at least two fin whales, the first...

Majority of Icelandic people think whaling harms their country’s reputation

With the very real prospect of Iceland's only fin whale hunter, Kristján Loftsson sending boats...
Humpback whale underwater

Humpback whale rescued from shark net in Australia

A humpback whale and her calf have managed to escape after becoming entangled in a...
Long-finned pilot whale

Fishermen in Norway eat pilot whale after entanglement in net

According to local reports, fishermen in Norway ate meat from a long-finned pilot whale after...

Icelandic whalers set sail after fin whales

Kristjan Loftsson’s whaling vessels, the Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9,  left port this evening in search of fin whales.  Last Monday, the Hvalur 8 made a test run and her crew boasted that they would start their first whaling tour on 16th June.

You can hear the announcement from Icelandic television news

Please help WDC end Loftsson’s whaling once and for all