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WDCS has become WDC

You may have noticed some changes in recent weeks but don’t panic, we are still the same organisation, still protecting whales and dolphins!

WDCS has become WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation. We’ve updated our logo and created a new, strong design to help us get our message across wherever it matters most for whales and dolphins. Our updated brand is going to help us achieve our vision: A world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

We are proud of who we are. So, we have simply refreshed our logo, name and design to make our communications cleaner, stronger and more effective. In short, we need better recognition, by more people, to create a better future for whales and dolphins.

Our new brand will help us do that and to accompany our new look we have also launched our new website.

The name and logo

We’ve shortened the name to make it more memorable, and it will run through everything we do.

Our colours

We chose a new grey-blue colour for the organisation – the colour of a dolphin’s skin.


Why did we rebrand?

In 2012 we turned 25 years old. The world has changed in that time and so has the organisation. To face the challenges of today, we need a brand that reflects who we are and which speaks to audiences globally; decision makers and people like you who care deeply about whales and dolphins.

How much money was spent on creating the new brand?

Apart from staff time, very little! At WDC we always aim to put as much of the money we raise back into work to protect whales and dolphins.

A lot of work was done in-house by the WDC brand team, but we also sought external professional support. How we are seen by the outside world is crucial, we needed fresh, objective eyes to help us. This outside help was provided free of charge because the people involved care about whales and dolphins too! We thank them for their time, patience, commitment and wisdom.

How does the new name, logo and design reflect what WDC does?

The issues affecting whales and dolphins are still great in size and number. We need to be a much larger organisation to undertake all the campaigning, lobbying and research we need to do. In fact we are just at the beginning of what we can do! Our refreshed identity will help us communicate effectively to decision makers and help us to attract a larger number of supporters.

We are a campaigning organisation, seeking positive and real change for whales and dolphins – whether that’s an end to whaling, phasing out of captivity or creating homes for whales and dolphins (marine protected areas, or MPAs). None of that will change. We will continue to campaign for protection of all whales and dolphins. Our new brand conveys our passion but comes with the weight of authority, and so enables us to command even more attention from governments and decision makers.

How will the rebrand help us reach more people?

Today, supporters and the public are exposed to more organisations and ‘messages’ than ever before, as well as countless communications from the commercial sector. To make our voice heard we need clearly designed communications and a ‘voice’ that speaks in a straightforward, clear and effective way.

Our new brand puts supporters at the heart of what we do, making our work easy to understand and to engage with. This not only makes for better communications with our existing supporters, it also helps us to recruit new supporters.

Our new website will help us achieve all this. Over the coming months we will be adding more features and whether you view it on a PC, tablet or phone you should find it easier to keep up-to-date with all the latest news from the world of whales and dolphins.

Tell us what you think

We would love to know what you think about our refreshed identity and the new website. Tell us what you think at: [email protected]

About George Berry

George is a member of WDC's Communications team and website coordinator.