Southern Resident orcas
Southern Resident orcas

WDC Summer raffle

The WDC summer raffle helps raise money for our captivity work.

First prize: £1,000 // Second prize: £500 // 5 x Runners-up prizes: £100

The Summer Raffle 2017 has now closed. Below are a list of the 7 lucky winnersl

  • 1st Prize - Mr D McNeice, St Neots
  • 2nd Prize - Mr P Hampton, Shrewsbury
  • Runner up prizes - Ms M Viljoen, London // Miss J Birkenhead, High Wycombe // Mrs C Smith-Tavinor, Sherborne // Mrs C McGuire, Sunderland // Miss P Lynd, Wembley

The money raised from this raffle
  • Will help WDC attend conventions to increase international protection of orcas from cruel wild captures
  • Will be used to educate and inform citizens in China and other countries, not to visit facilities that hold whales and dolphins captive
  • Will help WDC continue to fight for an end to the captivity of whales and dolphins around the world

Thanks so much to everyone who played.

Keep an eye out for the launch of our Winter Raffle. Details will be posted here later on in the year.