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Payroll Giving

You can adopt an orca with WDC through payroll giving! Simoom is a female orca who lives off the coast of British Columbia, Canada with her family - now you can get to know her by donating through your pay.

How does payroll giving work?

Payroll giving – making regular donations to charity through your pay - is an efficient, tax free way to adopt an orca with WDC. Your regular donation is taken from your pay before any tax or National Insurance deductions so we automatically receive the tax you would have paid on the donation. This means your donation will be worth an extra 20% to us which you would have paid in tax.  For every £1 you give, we’ll receive an extra 20p.  So a donation of £5 from you, we will receive £6.00 (based on lowest tax rate). 

Who is Simoom?

Simoom was born in 1975. She has a growing family now nine-strong which she brings to the Johnstone Strait during the summer months along with her mother and brothers.  Simoom has certainly contributed to her groups prominence; she is the group’s matriarch and the second oldest female member of her pod. 


What will you get?

Adopt an orca adult pack
Adopt an orca adult pack

As a thank you for adopting Simoom through payroll giving, you’ll receive a great welcome pack including:

  • a WDC cotton bag
  • a car sticker
  • a personalised certificate featuring Simoom
  • information about orcas and how your support is protecting them.

We’ll also include the latest copy of Whale & Dolphin magazine – featuring updates on Simoom – then send you a brand new issue every three months.

Can I adopt Simoom for someone else as a gift?

Not through payroll giving. You can adopt as a gift through Direct Debit here.

How does it help?

Around the world 56 orcas known to be held in concrete tanks and forced to perform tricks to entertain human visitors and make profit for big companies. Your adoption will enable us to fight until there are no whales and dolphins held in captivity.

Payroll giving adoptions help us to plan our vital, long-term work more effectively because we know that there are regular funds coming in that we can rely on. Giving this way is also tax-efficient and means that you can spread the cost of your adoption over the year.