Make an Origami Dolphin

Help us end captivity in Europe by making an origami dolphin.

The natural life of a happy dolphin is one of freedom; to be able to swim, leap and play in open oceans, and make decisions for his or herself.

But, in the European Union, there are 35 dolphin aquariums in 15 countries that still hold dolphins captive. Together they keep up to 300 dolphins cooped up in small pools, performing tricks for paying visitors.

WDCS has launched a campaign to change their future. With your help, we can tip the balance in favour of the dolphins and work towards making the EU a dolphinarium-free zone.

We want to make a bold statement to the European Parliament from the people of the world in the form of a petition created from origami dolphins.

Please help us by creating your dolphin today, and encouraging friends and family to do the same. If you have children, perhaps they’d like to join in too.

Follow our simple written instructions (with diagrams) or video and send your dolphins to us by 30th September 2012. Alternatively, there is a simpler whale origami that you can make.

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