A30s 1 - Jared Towers
A30s 1 - Jared Towers

WDC Christmas raffle

The Christmas raffle 2017 is now closed.

The summer raffle will launch later this year. Keep an eye out! 

First prize: £1,000 // Second prize: £500 // 5 x Runners-up prizes: £100


  • 1st Prize - Mr R McLelland, Glasgow
  • 2nd Prize - Mrs S Smith, Norwich
  • Runners up Prizes - Mr B Merchant (Ferryhill) // Mr T Josh (Carlisle) // Mr S Tompsett (Teddington) // Mr B McKiernan (Ware) // Mrs M Davies (Bracknell)

Thanks so much for your support and best of luck from all of at WDC.