Urge Cecilia Malmström to make Japan's whaling a deal breaker

Japan's whalers have just slaughtered 333 whales in the Antarctic. We say 'no EU trade deal with Japan until Japan stops killing whales!'

Almost 270,000 people signed our petition calling on the EU to say no to a Free Trade Agreement with Japan unless Japan stops killing whales. Will you take action and help us keep up the pressure?

The Japanese fleet has just returned from Antarctica. They killed 333 whales despite an International Court of Justice ruling and against the rules of the International Whaling Commission.

Please show EU commissioners that you feel strongly about this.

What can I do?

Send a tweet to Cecilia Malmström, the EU Commissioner for Trade and the person in charge of the EU's trade negotiations.

Here are some suggested tweets:

  • Japan just killed 333 #whales - @MalmstromEU No EU Japan trade deal unless #whaling stops @Trade_EU #FTA
  • Killing whales = killing #oceans @MalmstromEU No trade deal until Japan #whaling stops @Trade_EU #FTA #climatechange

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