Humpback whale
Humpback whale


Bank with Triodos Bank and WDC will receive a donation of £40 towards creating a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

WDC has partnered with Triodos Bank so you can help whales and dolphins when you bank.

By putting your money into an ethical current or savings account you get the benefit of a financial return in the knowledge that your money is making a positive change and Triodos will donate £40 to WDC when you open a current or savings account.*

Why Triodos?

Triodos are different.  They only lend their savers money to organisations and individuals that make the world a better place including community projects, organic farms, renewable energy schemes and nature conservation projects. You can see exactly where your money goes as Triodos publishes details of every single organisation it lends to on the website.

For every new savings account opened, Triodos will donate £40 to support our work around the world.

How do I apply?

Just go to, choose your account and fill in an application form.

Once your account is open and your balance reaches £100 or more, you don’t need to take any further action to ensure the donation is made.  Triodos will donate £40 to us on your behalf.

*Triodos’ donations to WDC can only be paid if new bank customers complete an online application form via the link

**The donation can only be paid if applicants complete an online application form having visited this website by either clicking on a link supplied by WDC, or by typing the URL in their browser address bar. The donation will be paid after the balance of the account reaches £100. One donation made per new customer (one donation made in the event of joint account opening). Triodos reserves the right to decline any application. This offer may be changed or withdrawn without notice at any time.